Artist Statement

When I begin to paint, my focus will be on bold colors and a dynamic composition. My abstract paintings have been described as unique, different and striking. I prefer bright colors, angles, lines (no circles, please) and a minimalist composition. Additionally, I use shades of red extensively in my work since red speaks to me as a color that evokes both life’s excitement and future.

Applying paint to canvas, I like to go with the flow and mood of the day as this process promotes spontaneity and, I think, results in a more lively result. I don’t like clutter in my life and my minimalistic compositions reflect that desire to keep things simple. 


I love when someone looks at my painting and the composition evokes a memory or the colors speak to them since to me that indicates my work has drawn them in to linger and enjoy the art.

"Have no fear of perfection , you will never reach it." Salvador Dali

Meet the Artist - Marilyn McEvoy

Marilyn McEvoy was born in Gary, Indiana and attended high school during a turbulent period of busing black students to integrate her all white school before busing became an integral part of desegregation. A lot of knowing who we are comes from an understanding of where we've been and the experiences that shape our lives. Does she know for sure if this experience of chaos and disruption of the norm influenced her desire for order and simplicity in her compositions? No, but like all life's journeys that include uncomfortable episodes, we unknowingly call upon them in diverse ways.

She currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where the exceptional light and diversity of cultures enhances her artistic expression. She began her career in clay and moved into painting where she is self-taught. She has had an exclusive gallery representation with San Francisco Street Gallery (formerly Housang Gallery) in Santa Fe for six years where she has been the top selling abstract artist.

Indiana University Graduate

Relocated to Santa Fe, NM

  • Santa Fe Studio Tour Artist
  • A preferred Artist for Ritz Carlton, Vail, Co.
  • Collection of 10- Paintings in the home of Malcolm and Bridget Day, Houston, Tx.
  • Cerrillos Hills Studio Tout
  • Las Cruces, NM Juried competition